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Some users will find some difficulties in speeding up thier systems. Some will give up the process of accelerating their systems. One of  the main cause of the slow down of the system is the tasks that runs in the background!. Some needed and some unwanted ones. If this list keeps growing then you will find yourself in a position unable to operate your system. This may cause a crash. Need it??????

Here are some of the popular tasks and their properties!!!!

Tasks and its properties . doc

In this document some of the known process and its properties are listed. If this list doesn’t have the process that u r looking for then clink this link below!!!


This will provide all the process and its stats with its manufacturer. It also provides recommendations to proceed with the process.


Take some of the recommendations that is given to u in the above link.!!!


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IBM Disclosed Next Generation Power7 Processor Details

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You may have heard a lot on the latest roadmap from famous chipmakers such as Intel, AMD or VIA Technologies but not to be left behind, IBM is actually spending much effort in developing its next generation Power7 processor targeted for PC world that requires intensive computing power. Just recently, the company has disclosed additional details on its upcoming Power7 during Hot Chips 09 Symposium.


IBM Power7 has been redesigned with multiple optimization points in mind. With its 8-core micro architecture design using 1.2 billion of transistors, it can achieve a significant performance boost of up to 12 execution units for each core, with 32 threads per chip, delivering a final performance score of 20,000 coherent operations in flight. Besides, it is fully compatible with 32 sockets in design, sharable 32MB on die EDRAM L3 cache as well as dual channel DDR3 memory technology that can scale up to a sustainable memory bandwidth of 100GBps per chip. At the same time, energy efficiency is said to be another consideration factor that able to differentiate itself from other competitors’ solutions, even though no exact power figure was disclosed yet. More importantly, it is fully scalable to cater for different system configurations so that it can be targeted for various system requirements.

Although it is not fabricated using the latest process technology, but the new processor (in 45nm process technology design) is claimed to be able to outperform Intel’s famous Nehalem processor, known to be one of the world’s most powerful processors in the world. The processor will be commercialized by 2010 as a newly refresh successor replacing Power6 in mid to high-range PC computing especially in server market.

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The title will be somewhat confusing for you! I know that!. But at the end you will be landed in a mind, clear about the title . Clear!!!

There are two kinds of people, one who believes GOD(thesits) and one who doesn’t!(athesits). But I ‘m damn sure that no one can be 100% sure on their thoughts.

Some controversies araise in ur mind right!. I know!!!! Let me be clear about that. First take the one who believes GOD. If something happens that he is not in need i.e he/she doesn’t expect to be worst in his life, then he/she may, na! will be a athesits for a while cursing the one he/she believes. This is true! There will be no contraversies regarding this. Secondly take the athesits. If something happens spiritual he/she might think it regarding science but if it doesn’t work then he/she may doubt in presence of the one he /she doesn’t believes. Now clear? Still if won’t agree with me then i(GOD) can’t do anything for you(GOD).

A flesh with a life can be in any of the three stages as mentioned below,

images1 1. GOD- living for ourselves without any desire.

2. PEOPLE- as all we are doing now.

3. ANIMAL- living for others with desires filled in mind!

The term GOD refers to the Great Occasion for a peaceful Destiny. Its a progress of a normal man to find something special in him that doesn’t needs a desire filled, but a clear knowledge about the life with a peacefull mind. Not many of the GODs in todays world is stepping in this occasion except few VIPs. Those VIPs will be forever in the world’s history also their physcial presence is absent. This is the condition of todays world. But a few thousand years ago, all people were in this progress to find GOD in them. Most of them reached their destiny in that progress and some couldn. They know that after some hundred years the world will be full of people rather GODs. They know that the people will fall for fake enjoyments that will last long for their life time but not in their absence. So they did create some beliefs to make the people live under some constraints. One of those main creations was the SPIRITUAL belief.

They made some strong guidelines for us to live atleast as people rather trying to find VIPs in us. These constraints are like guide that leave us in a path to find people in us.

If we worship our soul then there is no work for the word Spiritual. But in this world the people with the image4above mentioned quality is like a droplet missed in an ocean or in other words, they live once in blue moon. People should have belief in them rather to a stone worshiped. They should have their constraints to live on. Desires must be cleared from ones mind to step in GOD. I wont say that all can find special VIPs in them, but all must try to live on their own feet rather in somebody’s shoes.

A little knowledge about the GOD along with a confident mind is enough for a try. To become a normal man is easy as all we does when we first step into this world without struggle. But to become a VIP more than the normal does, needs a perfect struggle and a non-loosing hope.

Atlast i wish to say some words for those who doesnt stand on their own legs.

” All GODs in this world are not trying to find VIPs in them. You are one among them!!!”

” I wont say that there is no a GOD, but it will be better if he is!!!!”

If you are in doubt in presence of the one you believe after reading this post, then you are in the first step in GOD(Great Occasion for a peaceful Destiny)……ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!

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blood1A man’s flesh won’t work without blood thats make it to work. This is true for the 5 senses also. This is the reason why the blood is being given more importance. “Blood” doesn’t worth balance with water which is also rare nowadays like the former one.  The word “B-lo-ody” describes that, our body works with the input and output of blood like o’s and 1’s for the kings ruling todays impatient world. Bloods are of various types in the combination of A, B and O.

B+ve3But the most spl one is B +ve. Because it preaches the people to be positive. I am one among the preachers through which this B+ve does its teachings and i am proud to be a part of it. Am so happy that my dad is also one among them. Do u? If so be proud.

Every operation done in this world prices for atleast 1lt of blood. This wastages of blood is being replaced by the ones blood who voluntarily donates it.Blood gets its birth in between the bones. Haematopoiesis is the formation of blood cellular components. All cellular blood components are derived from haematopoietic stem cells. In a healthy adult person, approximately 1011–1012 new blood cells are produced daily in order to maintain steady state levels in the peripheral circulation. So, not a big deal to donate 500 ml of your blood per month. But this small 500ml that you donate can save a life that is expected to live by more than 50 people when an operation is concerned.For that 50 people you will be a god like. Won’t u feel happy that you saved a life given by god. Hope so you will search for blood banks form today.

Let me stop my preachings here!!!!

Myself a proud member of B+ve group hadn tried to donate blood till september 2nd , a day i can never forget in my life given by my parents. That particular day was a black marked day for me. It happened at Apollo hospital. I was working for a symposium in my college Valliammai Engg. college. I was one of the incharges for the first time in my college history for a technical event. This made  something special in my look both external an internal too. I was in one of those installing the softwares needed for the event.

My mobile rang with a shocking message for the first time. It was my step mother the other side , myself b+vehere.  Words started fumbling for her to inform that message. My chins and my ears got hot with my eyes watering!!! It was a message that my father had some problem by 11:30 morning and was admitted at Apollo hospital where gods reside if i am the one who believes god. I left my bag to my friend and came out kicking my bicycle with a speed i had never attempted to go. We reached the hospital .

blood3 It was a major  heart attack for my father. They asked  for a lt of blood which i specified to be more important at first of this post. The only B+ve proud preacher there at that time, myself  without thinking stood up. They placed me on a 45deg bed. It was a big needle that is used for animals, poked my left arm went through the muscles with a  ball in my palm for pumping the blood.  Soon after taking 500ml of blood they provided a juice and a tender coconut tin. Was quite happy that i  donated that day the precious blood.

This happiness doesn’t last long. Soon after coming outside the blood bank in the hospital, i was sitting in a chair with my relatives eating a chocolate worth Rs.30. My sister was the next to donate her blood waiting outside whether to register or not. She started asking me so many questions regarding the donation. I was answering her.

Soon after the third question, she was left without answering her further questions. Because i was lying down to earth.. Confused? I was lying down from the chair because i fainted.After 5 minutes it seemed that all were rounding blood2me for my recover. I did that with shame on my face with the chocolate still in my hand uneaten. I felt uneasy to see those who were rounding me. With that feel i went inside the blood bank again this time not to donate blood but to take rest. They made me to lie over that same bed i was donating with proud. This is called fate. After that incident happened i decided not to donate blood because i am weak over that. May be the first time but should not happen the second!!!

So sad of me? I know ur feelings…..Controllllll

I advice all to try donating blood for once .. If u r ok with that pls pls pls “start donating” in a timely manner. I am the one with unluck to donate the precious thing. Leave. Let it be with myself.

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Teacher’s Day!!

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It was Teacher’s Day when the incident happened that made me to wirte this post. I was in my standard 12th in St.Joseph Matriculation Hr.Sec school. Days went good at school especially the last two years i lived with it. My talents started its entry in my school life only at the end years. I am an average at books, but somewhat good at singing and mono-acting. This made me to upstage myself often on the open air theatre.

Preperations were going on the day before the teacher’s day. Some practising their on-stage events later nights at school itself, some decorating the whole school including the open air theatre. Our eyes never attempted to see the school at nights. It was a great day for us. We enjoyed doing works at school rather doing with books.

On the next day events started. No classes, no subjects, no punishments, no assignments, no exams  but enjoyments everywhere. They were new to our eyes because it showed the other face of the school life. We issued chocolates to the students and some sweets to the people who are having their day. There was a night party for the teacher’s at the convent with both non-veg and the contrary.

On-stage events started by around 4:30 evening with teacher’s at the right of the stage and students  in the left overs. I am one among the participants, did Oriography(miming a song). All went in their eyes seeing a strange thing because i am the one who staged Oriography for the first time in that school. Claps made me to do better.

Then it was a girl who came with a bucket to the stage. All including the teacher’s were in eyes open to that girl. Spectators silence made that girl a little confident to do what she was told to. The girl spoke for a minute about the day and the special ones having their special day. Then she took a cup of water from the bucket she broutght and poured on the ground. Everyone wonderd on what she was doing. She said “this is a tribute to our beloved teacher’s” and throwed the bucket contents over them.

To be more sensational our Asst. Headmistress needs two chairs to seat herself, started to run thinking that the water may wet her new costly saree( a long one to wound) and her make-up too. All started to close their faces with their hands with surprise.Students had their mouth open. The shuttered faces then opened with smiles having their teeth beyond their mouths.

” It was roses that flooded their place instead water”

bucket It was the plan of my friend to make a game with bucket full of rose petals and a cup of water. On stage she took that cup of water to ensure that the bucket is full of water. After taking that cup she throwed the roses over the teachers.This plan went 100% successful that some teachers along with our Asst. H.M started running from their chairs tying wheels on their foot.

All students started laughing  making them uneasy with the situation. But this knock made a hall of fame in our school.

“Funny Bucket Game”

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MS Office 2010 a look at its gallery.

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To view the MSOffice 2010 download the file :  MS Office 2010

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People in the world are striving for few more years to live than what they were told to be here. But do you know that you are always watched by a dead man in your bed room who can attack at anytime?

Confused? Read below……

Because of fate, every invention that is stepping in this world is on both human helping as well as destroying. No invention is made for the safer use of the humans. Each one having their unsafe characteristics is unsecure to use to.

Dr. Schulyer Skaats Wheeler is one of those inventors who invented this dead man without knowing that he (dead man) can harm humans if a small piece gets damaged in his invention.

A DEAD MAN is watching you always from top may be right top of your head in your bed room. Bloodcurdling?  To be sure, the above words are true. He has some deadly wings not to fly but to make your head out of your body, so you are dead. He will be hanging from your bedroom ceiling upside down right top of you making you comfortable with the situation but be cautious, his attack may make you leave from this world full of desires with your desires unfulfilled.

Still can’t get who he is? Cont…..

He has rounded but flat head, a single stem of body and two legs tied to a hook with a single piece of iron. He has some flattened wings that may be numbered from two to six based on his creation. If he unties himself from the ceiling then he will attack in any direction he wants to make you dead.

I think now you can guess who he is????

He is the one with,

F ired wings

A nger equipped

N erd of killing

Note: Don’t see him after reading this when you r going to bed. If u did u won’t get sleep like my restless eyes.


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